Sri Lanka

A “Pure Ceylon Tea” experience in Sri Lanka

No trip to Sri Lanka is complete without at least a pass through the country's glorious central hill country. Go one better, though, and...
Ayurvedic treatments at the Amaya Hills spa

Every day a spa day in Kandy, Sri Lanka

After two weeks of fabulous temples, wildlife viewing and more in Sri Lanka's Cultural Triangle, Tom and I headed for Kandy, Sri Lanka's second...

Seven joys of a weekend in Colombo, Sri Lanka

A large Buddha planted squarely in the path of arrivals to Bandaranaike International Airport welcomed us to Colombo, Sri Lanka last February. Incense burned...

Time Travel in Switzerland

Switzerland's vistas are world-renowned, and Tom and I have enjoyed many of them in our years here. Now, those clever Swiss have added five...

Gasthof Hirschen: Quiet repose in Eglisau, Switzerland

When Tom and I paid a spring-time visit to Eglisau in Canton Zurich, we felt we had stepped into a medieval time capsule. There,...
Terrasse am See

Terrasse am See: a lakeside escape to Vitznau, Switzerland

Time slows in Vitznau, as the sun begins to set over Lake Lucerne (der Vierwaldstädtersee). Our host for dinner turns positively misty-eyed as we...
Monte Verità

Monte Verità: Switzerland’s ‘Mountain of Truth’

At the beginning of the 20th century, a hilltop in Ascona, Switzerland became a center for unconventional idealists and reformers. Theosophists, writers, visual and...

New in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka: the ‘elephant hotel’

The new Aliya Resort & Spa in Sigiriya is located in the 'dry zone' that encircles most of Sri Lanka. The resort, which opened...
Hotel Wilden Mann, Lucerne, Switzerland

Hotel Wilden Mann—my choice in Lucerne

Personal preference is a funny thing. What makes one hotel beat expectations, and another perfectly fine establishment, not quite make the grade? Recently, my husband...
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