medieval bridge

Minho “heart and soul” in Ponte de Lima, Portugal

The Lima valley, in Portugal's northern Minho region, with its ancient towns and Romanesque churches, takes a traveler on a meandering route from the...
Dinner table

In Central Asia, sit down to dinner, Uzbek style

In Uzbekistan, my travel companions and I were welcomed to the table three times a day, and very often to a spread of Uzbek...


Cookies and milk

In Porto, Portugal, a world of flavor from our pandemic kitchen

Over the past many months, as Tom and I have reminisced about our travels, rather than actually traveling, food memories—and food making—were a constant...
Masked health workers in front of mural honoring pandemic responders

In Porto, Portugal: our year in place

When, at the beginning of February 2020, Tom and I marked 10 years of Anita’s Feast with what at the time seemed to be...


Figueira da Foz

In search of Portuguese flavors

When Tom and I traveled in Portugal last year, we gloried in its varied landscapes, magnificent sunsets, and vibrant history. We visited cities bedecked...

Gelato: Italian, tasty and headed your way

Smooth on the tongue, intense in flavor, gelato has been known to induce a state of rapture. A sure sign of spring in Basel...
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