Dinner table

In Central Asia, sit down to dinner, Uzbek style

In Uzbekistan, my travel companions and I were welcomed to the table three times a day, and very often to a spread of Uzbek...
medieval bridge

Minho “heart and soul” in Ponte de Lima, Portugal

The Lima valley, in Portugal's northern Minho region, with its ancient towns and Romanesque churches, takes a traveler on a meandering route from the...


Slow travel in Portugal’s schist villages

Ancient trees arched over the country road curving along a narrow mountain ridge into Casal de São Simão, a tiny schist village in central...
Clerigos Tower

In Porto, “The story of Portugal in 5 glasses”

Clérigos Tower: Two hundred forty steps to the top…and a classy backdrop to relaxation on the lawn of Jardim das Oliveiras, in the heart...



Finding JR, in Berlin and New York

In Berlin a week ago, I had a chance to see ‘The Wrinkles of the City, Berlin’ by the French street artist and photographer...
Frieder Burda

Baden-Baden, Germany: Museum Frieder Burda turns 10

The Museum Frieder Burda opened in Baden-Baden in 2004, and I've enjoyed several exhibitions there. Now, an anniversary show,"40|10": 40 Years of the Collection...
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