Tasting port with a view

Tasting port with a view

Our first house guests in Porto provided Tom and me with an always-welcomed opportunity for tasting port with a view. We took our guests...
market day in Luberon

Every day is market day in Luberon

The farmer's markets of Southeast France are the epitome of summer goodness: fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, beautifully presented and a pleasure to eat....


Riki kur

Discovering Nepalese cuisine, one plate at a time

Before I visited Nepal, I was aware of exactly two dishes on a Nepalese menu: dal bhat and momos, and I had no real appreciation...
Rome Countryside

A long weekend in the Rome countryside

Rome is such a draw, such an over-achiever, that many travelers never see some of Italy’s finest historical treasures in the nearby rolling hills...


Bodnath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal still needs your help

Late one afternoon last December, on a break from a photography assignment in Kathmandu, Nepal, I returned to my guesthouse for a rest. After...
San Miguel de Allende

Cooking “Mexican classy” in San Miguel de Allende

A delight during my May trip to Mexico was a chance to join three fellow southerners for a cooking class in San Miguel de...

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