Uzbekistan’s surprisingly good kazy salad

They eat horses in Central Asia, don’t they? Well, I had not considered that. I knew the people of the region are famed horse...

The splendid embroidery of Uzbek suzanis

Suzani comes from the Persian word for "needle," used in reference to embroidered hangings and fabric coverings. Collectors also identify the term with the...
Evening at Koy-Krylgan-Kala by Igor Savitsky

Savitsky’s Kyzylkum inspiration

Igor Savitsky, painter, obsessive art collector and founder of the remarkable Karakalpak Museum of Arts in Nukus, Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan—in the middle of...
Mirzo Ulugbek

Ulugbek of Uzbekistan—reaching for the stars

Recent travels in Central Asia introduced me to one of the most famous Uzbeks I never heard of: Mirzo Ulugbek – Uzbekistan’s “Great Observer”....
Runner, by Max Penson

Meeting Max Penson

Max Penson figured prominently in the dramatic evolution of Soviet photography in the 1920s and 1930s.  Then, for twenty years following adoption of the...
Bukhara non

The art of Uzbek flatbread

Non, the round bread of Uzbekistan, is as ubiquitous as the pot of green tea that accompanies every meal of the day. Inspired by...
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