Spiral staircase, Rubin Museum of Art, New York

Rubin Museum’s summer exhibitions showcase Indian art

The Rubin Museum of Art in Chelsea is a human-scale, tastefully designed display and performance venue. The re-purposed retail space (previously a Barney’s department...
Kerala houseboat

Kerala dreaming at Delhi’s Zambar

When I visited Kerala, I was enchanted by the atmospheric Backwaters and laid-back lifestyle. I also fell in love with the food, which was...
Ajrakh block-printed fabric detail

The art of Ajrakh block printing

Ajrakh, one of the most specialized forms of block printing on fabric, is still practiced in Kutch, Gujarat, once part of Sindh. Late in...
From Kala Raksha museum collection

Discovering the fabric arts of Gujarat

To anyone who came to know textiles from India in the 1960s, it can come as a surprise to learn just how elegant the...
Incense and candle with blossoms, Rajasthan

Endearing, enduring India

After a full month in India, I’m on overload. This trip is done, but the friendly people, fabulous food, history, and artistry that permeates...

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