Ayurvedic treatments at the Amaya Hills spa

Every day a spa day in Kandy, Sri Lanka

After two weeks of fabulous temples, wildlife viewing and more in Sri Lanka's Cultural Triangle, Tom and I headed for Kandy, Sri Lanka's second...
Galle Fort

Sunrise in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Galle Fort, jutting a bit into the Indian Ocean, and at the western end of a moon-shaped bay on Sri Lanka's southwestern tip, is...

Seven joys of a weekend in Colombo, Sri Lanka

A large Buddha planted squarely in the path of arrivals to Bandaranaike International Airport welcomed us to Colombo, Sri Lanka last February. Incense burned...

New in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka: the ‘elephant hotel’

The new Aliya Resort & Spa in Sigiriya is located in the 'dry zone' that encircles most of Sri Lanka. The resort, which opened...
rice and curry

Sri Lankan rice and curry, village style

Sri Lankans don't say "Have you eaten yet?" but rather, "Have you eaten your rice?" which really means rice and curry. Everywhere on the...

Kelaniya Great Temple of Sanctity, Sri Lanka

The Kelaniya Dagoba (stupa) is among the most venerated religious sites in Sri Lanka. A day trip to the temple complex, just a few...
Sri Lankan cuisine

Discovering Sri Lankan cuisine, one dish at a time

One of the joys of expat life is meeting people from all over the world, discovering the home cultures and food ways of others,...
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