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Be inspired—travel with us!

Anita’s Feast--a collaborative effort of writer Anita Breland and photographer Tom Fakler-- focuses on food travel and cultural exploration around the world. Published with you--the active, inquisitive traveler--in mind, Anita's Feast provides travel stories and impressions, and plenty of inspiring images.

Who we are

We are Anita and Tom, long-time expats and avid "boomer" travelers. We have lived and worked on four continents, and for more than a decade have called Europe home. Home for us is destination travel for others, so we share our local discoveries, as well.

We've been traveling forever, and blogging about it since 2010. Everything we write about is based our personal experience (including our pandemic year of not traveling).

We are all about experiential travel, seeking out atmospheric accommodations that offer luxurious touches worth a splurge, and opportunities to sample authentic local flavors.

Anita Breland and Tom Fakler

We travel for food

Food and wine travel is all about experiences of the senses, experiences that nurture and inform. We seek out experiences that take us--whether across continents and oceans, or simply down the block--closer to the culture of neighborhoods, cities, regions, and countries. We especially enjoy meeting the people who grow and produce great food, and those who prepare it for us.

Good food is important to us, whether in a fine restaurant, a family-owned café or a beach shack. At home or when we travel, we are always on the hunt for flavors new and old, and importantly, flavors that transport and sustain.

Our stories

We invite readers to follow our travels to places we have found inspirational, quirky, or beautiful–sometimes all three at once. From explorations near to our home in Portugal, to in-depth experiences in food travel destinations such as Switzerland and Italy, or slow travel in fabulous places like Sri Lanka, there is always a travel experience in the works and stories ready to be told. Wherever we go, we look for the little things that make a place special and memorable for us--and for our readers. If we have a bad experience, we do not broadcast it. We leave the job of food critic to others.

Anita’s Feast brings you stories about food travel–cooking, eating out, local foods and markets–plus cultural exploration and introductions to fascinating people. Subscribers receive email alerts to new posts.

Always on the lookout for new adventures, new cultures to explore, and unfamiliar foods we are sure to love!

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