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Art and architecture, including all forms of visual arts, exhibitions, and traditional art forms

Forli museum Pinacoteca Civica

Forlì’s graceful Pinacoteca Civica

Museums built into heritage buildings always capture my imagination. Whether it's contemporary art in a centuries old structure, or modern fittings stocked with ancient...
San Maurizio

Milan’s little gem: Chiesa di San Maurizio

Perhaps the biggest discovery of our recent visit to Milan was an exquisitely decorated Renaissance convent in city's historic southwest quarter. The church provides...
Basel Museums

Basel museums turn “night into day”

Each January, Basel-area museums and cultural institutions turn "night into day" with a program of exhibitions, short tours, readings, concerts, workshops, games, stories and...
Palazzo Reale

In Turin, Italy, splendid Palazzo Reale

The Merenda Reale, held the last Saturday each month in one of Turin's ornate royal residences, is a re-enactment of a decidedly over-the-top royal...
Basel, Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland–on Cathedral Hill

Basel's ancient heart brings out my inner historian. The Old Town is intact and compact, draped across three sentinel hills and along both sides...
Architecture walk

Rationalist architecture along Viale della Libertà in Forlì, Italy

Anita and I recently participated on a blog trip in the Forlì, Italy region, focusing on the architecture of the ‘Ventennio’, as the twenty...
Castrocaro Terme

The party’s on in Castrocaro Terme, Italy

My husband and I were recently invited on a tour to explore rationalist architecture in the Forlì-Cesena province of Emilia-Romagna. We expected to see...
Tagliavini Collection of Musical Instruments

Beautiful music at Bologna’s San Colombano Museum

Love music? history? architecturally significant buildings? All this and more come with a visit to the superb San Colombano Museum in Bologna. Built around...
M. C. Escher

The Hague’s Escher in Het Palais

I've long been a fan of M. C. Escher, so it was a delight on a trip to The Hague last week, to discover...
Buddhist wall painting

Buddhist wall paintings for Chhairo Gompa, Nepal

Painted images are highly valued as tools representing the teachings of the Buddha. Buddhist wall paintings representing protector deities line the walls of temples...
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