Anita Breland and Tom FaklerWhy work with us?

Anita's Feast in PortugalWe take time to explore a destination, and tell our travel stories in well-chosen words and high-quality pictures. As food travelers and understand how food and wine tourism can boost a destination’s or travel brand’s appeal. Anita’s Feast targets curious travelers of all ages, but more than half of our readers are in the 25-44 age range. We are also “boomers” and we know how this demographic likes to travel.

We know our stuff!

We have traveled, lived, worked in Asia, Europe and North Africa, as well the US, where our journeys began. After careers in corporate communications and IT project management, we are sure-footed in our professional communication. We are experts in food travel, advising destinations and travel providers on how to lure–and please–travelers with food and wine travel experiences. In the past year alone, our travels have taken us to India and Italy, and we have enjoyed marvelous food travel experiences in Porto and New York as well.

We’re “social” and upbeat

We have published Anita’s Feast regularly since 2010. We are active on multiple social media platforms before, during and after our trips, and always bring home great memories of our travel experiences. The positive vibe comes through in our writing and photography–if we don’t like something, we don’t share it. We target English-speaking, affluent mid-lifers with an interest in independent travel.

We are dependable and experienced

We work with travel partners around the world, supporting national tourism campaigns and specialty events. Our hotel partnerships have ranged from a seven-room hotel in Switzerland to Sri Lankan resorts. We’ve worked with a number of food tourism providers and travel brands, and have collaborated with city, regional and national tourism boards. For an idea of how we approach an assignment, take a look at our account of last summer’s stay in Puglia, Italy, and the culinary scene in Alberobello; and what we learned about regional cuisine from specialty food tours in Lucknow, India.

Selected partnerships

Anita's Feast selected partnerships

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We welcome invitations for press trips and special events. We’d love to discuss how we can support your travel and destination initiatives. Work with us!

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