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Switzerland steam trains

Switzerland’s Rigi Bahnen and the nostalgia of steam

The Swiss have a love of trains--the trains are on time 99% of the time, and they are clean, well maintained and reasonably priced....

Lucerne’s Hirschenplatz—”get the message”?

  Lucerne, Switzerland's Hirschenplatz is named after a vanished hotel, the Hirschen, or stag. Light-colored paving stones mark the places where two small houses once...
Hotel Wilden Mann, Lucerne, Switzerland

Hotel Wilden Mann—my choice in Lucerne

Personal preference is a funny thing. What makes one hotel beat expectations, and another perfectly fine establishment, not quite make the grade? Recently, my husband...

Lucerne’s wall paintings tell stories

  It is autumn in one of Europe's prettiest settings. The Old Town in Lucerne, Switzerland, is a postcard. All of it. Almost any direction...
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