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Nandini Food Court

The celebration foods of Nepal’s Newari community

Kathmandu may be most visitors’ entry point to the wonders of Nepal, but it is cussedly difficult to love. Many of its ancient structures...
Riki kur

Discovering Nepalese cuisine, one plate at a time

Before I visited Nepal, I was aware of exactly two dishes on a Nepalese menu: dal bhat and momos, and I had no real appreciation...
Curry Without Worry

“Healthy meals for hungry souls” in Kathmandu, Nepal

When I was in Kathmandu last summer, I received a call from a Nepali friend late one afternoon, asking if I would be interested...

Return to Kathmandu

My first trip to Nepal was in 1977 when I trekked to the Everest Base Camp. For more than twenty years, I had dreamed...
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