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Ramadan treats, Fez, Morocco

Breaking the fast–around the Ramadan table

  “Can you please come into the kitchen for a minute?” our friend asked, smiling. “My wife and daughter need a taster.” Ah, that’s cool,...

Wild honey of Fez, Morocco

One of my requisite stops upon returning to Fez is “the honey souk”, Fondouk Kaat Smen, set back behind a display of carpets on...
Sfinge, Moroccan donuts

A refresher course in Moroccan sweets

Morocco excels in sweet flavor notes. During a long absence from our house in Fez, I somehow forgot just how strong those notes can...
Learning to make mlaoui

Three cooks, one Moroccan kitchen

Mlaoui is the croissant of my Moroccan mornings, just one of the delectable pastries from a Moroccan kitchen. Thin, crepe-like layers dotted with butter and...
Making mlaoui in a Moroccan kitchen

Foreign Flavours from Writers Abroad now on Kindle!

Foreign Flavours, published by Writers Abroad, is now available on Kindle. The book includes my article," Three cooks, one Moroccan home kitchen, result: delicious", along...

Foreign Flavours: An Anthology from Writers Abroad

The online writing group Writers Abroad has published Foreign Flavours, an anthology of 64 short stories and non-fiction articles themed around food, drink and...

Tangia or tanjia—either way, it’s Moroccan pot roast

Sunday dinners after church were wonderfully predictable when I was a kid: if it was Sunday, it must be pot roast.  The meat seared...

The sun sets on Ramadan 2011

At 19:52 last evening, the cannons on the hills above either side of the Fez medina fired three times, signaling the end to Ramadan....

A Moroccan gift of ‘beldi’

Soon after my arrival in Fez last month, I came down with a nasty summer cold. A medina friend came to the rescue, concerned...
Fruit and vegetable souk, Fez, Morocco

Shopping in the last week of Ramadan

The morning is still, a silence broken by the flutter of wings as birds wheel around the minaret of our neighborhood mosque. A gentle...
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