Tag: Fabric arts

Kyrgyz felt

Kyrgyz felt travels its own Silk Road to high fashion

Designers in Kyrgyzstan are doing wonderful things with Kyrgyz felt these days. On a May afternoon in Bishkek, I visited the atelier of Aidai...

The splendid embroidery of Uzbek suzanis

Suzani comes from the Persian word for "needle," used in reference to embroidered hangings and fabric coverings. Collectors also identify the term with the...
Ajrakh block-printed fabric detail

The art of Ajrakh block printing

Ajrakh, one of the most specialized forms of block printing on fabric, is still practiced in Kutch, Gujarat, once part of Sindh. Late in...
From Kala Raksha museum collection

Discovering the fabric arts of Gujarat

To anyone who came to know textiles from India in the 1960s, it can come as a surprise to learn just how elegant the...
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