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Vogel Gryff

In Basel, Switzerland, the antics of Vogel Gryff

A resounding boom from a raft on the Rhine, and the “only in (Klein)basel” ritual known as Vogel Gryff is underway. When Tom and...
Graham's 1952 Single Harvest Tawny Port

Tasting the Colheitas of Graham’s

"Isn't that cool?!" exclaimed our host, raising a goblet of amber-hued liquid and gesturing with it to the distant corners of Palacio do Bolsa's...
Sweden coffee

Sweden’s coffee tradition – Do you fika?

I am a coffee fan. Not just any coffee, mind you. Good coffee--dark, robust, served in a nifty cup or mug, and with something...
Super Zampone

Super Zampone: Over the Top in Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna is a gastronome's paradise, its culinary bounty celebrated with great fanfare through the autumn harvest season. Wine, fish, meats and cheeses--all kinds...
Prayer flags Nepal

Prayer flags, prayer wheels & mani stones in Nepal

On my first trip to Nepal many years ago, I was struck by symbols of Buddhism almost everywhere. Following the lead of my Sherpa...

Alphorns at 2,200 meters–A Swiss summer tradition

Several years ago, on a weekend excursion to the mountains near Lucerne, my husband and I met a troupe of alphorn players from Canton...
Fighting cows

Going head to head: Switzerland’s fighting cows

“Huit, evacuée!” “Number eight, you’re out of there!” Spectators cheer as cows with names like Papillon and Surplice face off in an outdoor ring...
Garlands of onions, Bern

Zibelmärit offers a taste of Switzerland

Onions, in all their garlanded glory, are the basis for Bern’s Zibelmärit. They are colorful and pretty to look at in your kitchen, dangling...
Kyrgyz shyrdak

“Golden hands” produce Kyrgyz shyrdaks

Shyrdaks are Kyrgyz felt carpets, handmade made using patterns and sewing techniques handed down through generations. Always produced by a community of women, they...
Bukhara non

The art of Uzbek flatbread

Non, the round bread of Uzbekistan, is as ubiquitous as the pot of green tea that accompanies every meal of the day. Inspired by...
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