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A fine dish of plov, Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Plov—Uzbekistan’s legendary national dish

I grew up in the “rice belt” of Southeast Texas, so rice is one of my nostalgia foods. Pilaf, pilau, biryani all got my...
Ancient designs in the National Historical Museum, Bishkek

Through the lens: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek came as a surprise to me. After several weeks traveling the Silk Roads of Uzbekistan, I’m not sure what I expected in neighboring...
Dongon mosque, Karakol, Kyrbyzstan

Traveling to Central Asia? Think Kyrgyzstan

As should be evident from my recent posts about some of the people I met, and the places I visited during recent travels in...
Lunchtime feast in a Kyrgyz yurt

Artful dining in Kyrgyzstan

Traveling to Kyrgyzstan after several weeks in Uzbekistan, I was struck by how dining in Kyrgyzstan was varied and had homespun charm of Kyrgyz...
Kyrgyz nomad family

Preserving Kyrgyzstan’s nomadic traditions

In a Bishkek museum, when I spotted this photograph of Kyrgyz nomads on the move, I was intrigued. What was the woman’s enormous turban...
Kyrgyz shyrdak

“Golden hands” produce Kyrgyz shyrdaks

Shyrdaks are Kyrgyz felt carpets, handmade made using patterns and sewing techniques handed down through generations. Always produced by a community of women, they...
Kyrgyz felt

Kyrgyz felt travels its own Silk Road to high fashion

Designers in Kyrgyzstan are doing wonderful things with Kyrgyz felt these days. On a May afternoon in Bishkek, I visited the atelier of Aidai...
Dinner table

In Central Asia, sit down to dinner, Uzbek style

In Uzbekistan, my travel companions and I were welcomed to the table three times a day, and very often to a spread of Uzbek...

Uzbekistan’s surprisingly good kazy salad

They eat horses in Central Asia, don’t they? Well, I had not considered that. I knew the people of the region are famed horse...

The splendid embroidery of Uzbek suzanis

Suzani comes from the Persian word for "needle," used in reference to embroidered hangings and fabric coverings. Collectors also identify the term with the...
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