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Basel, Switzerland

Summertime dining al fresco in Basel, Switzerland

As soon as spring ushers in the promise of longer days, many Basel area restaurants set tables out on the pavement, creating a boulevard...
Basel Fasnacht

The characters of Basel Fasnacht

Costumes worn by Fasnacht participants come in many forms. Clique members will dress to suit the subject chosen for by the group for lampooning...
Three king's cake

Dreikönigstag (Three Kings Day)

In German-speaking countries, Epiphany is called Dreikönigstag, or Three Kings Day, and marks the end of the Christmas celebrations. On this day, a cake...
Wine fountain, Basel

A curiously Swiss New Year tradition

Switzerland’s fountains are justifiably praised for their abundance (they are everywhere) and purity (it is fine to quaff from almost all of them). Once...
New Year's, Basel, Switzerland

Basel fireworks launch 2013—Happy New Year!

I love the kaleidoscope of colors in fireworks, and last evening thrilled to an exceptional display in Basel, from a friend’s terrace overlooking the...
Basel's colorful autumn fair

Basel’s autumn fair opens with a slosh

Two days ago, the Basel Herbstmesse, the biggest and longest-running autumn fair in Europe, kicked off with a feisty clanging of bells and the...
On view at Liste, Art Bael 43

Satellite fairs and public art enliven Art Basel 43

For a week each June, Basel, Switzerland becomes the Center of the Art Universe, transformed into one big art gallery. Basel is art intensive...
Swiss Grättimaa, Basel, Switzerland

Swiss Grättimaa – early to rise

One of the signs of Christmas in Basel is the appearance of doughy chaps with raisins for eyes and a scattering of sugar on...
Japan shoreline detail, Ingo Gϋnther, for Art-Aid Japan, Basel, Switzerland

Art-Aid: Basel Project for Japan

Ingo Gϋnther’s mapping of Japan’s shoreline of Japan on a section of gallery floor space was a highlight of Art-Aid: Basel Project for Japan,...
Ai Weiwei banner on fortification wall, Basel, Switzerland

Art Parcours 2011 through St. Albantal

Art Basel 42, which closed on Sunday, reported a guest list that was 65,000 visitors long. This year, I found greater inspiration outside the...
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