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“No Passport Required” for this Manhattan food walk

A boutique coffee roaster for morning espresso? The best rugelach in New York?  The Indian snack food that has gone nationwide from a tiny...

Ten must-try foods of Ipoh, Malaysia

If we made a mistake in trip planning while in Malaysia, it was to visit Penang, "an eater's paradise", then Ipoh, back to back,...
Quinta da Plansel

Exemplary vines, first-class wines in Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal

Tom and I met winemaker Dorina Lindemann at Essência do Vinho, at the Portugal Wine Connection in the Palacio de Bolsa’s magnificent Salon Arab....

Food adventuring in Ipoh, Malaysia

“May we join you?” the woman asked, smiling and gesturing to two empty stools at our table. Tom and I looked up from slurping...
kuala lumpur

Tasting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What better place to begin a two-month culinary romp through Southeast Asia than Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Famous for its multicultural vibe and world-class street...
Designer shoes in Hoi An, Vietnam

On our toes for travel in Southeast Asia

It’s been six years since Tom and I were last able to travel in Southeast Asia, and we are excited to be heading there...
Anita taking a photo of food


I travel far and often—with my husband, on my own and with friends. For me, inspiration can come from anywhere, from travels or a...
Riki kur

Discovering Nepalese cuisine, one plate at a time

Before I visited Nepal, I was aware of exactly two dishes on a Nepalese menu: dal bhat and momos, and I had no real appreciation...
Essência do Vinho, Porto

It’s February–Let’s celebrate Portuguese wine!

It’s February, and time to celebrate Portuguese wine! Essência do Vinho, the country’s most important wine fair, has just concluded in Porto. Simplesmente Vinho,...
Lake Geneva

A quick winter excursion to Lavaux

With our departure from Switzerland imminent, Tom and I were honored to be invited "down south" for an off-season tramp through the villages of...
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