Monastery of Saint Benedict
Sunday Lunch
Casetel di Tora, Italy

Castel di Tora, Italy

Castel di Tora, just over an hour from Rome on the autostrada, is a world away.  Perched on a hill above Lake Turano, the...


Montecassino Abbey is an impressive work of art with extraordinary mosaics, carvings and frescoes, as well as a thriving Benedictine monastery.  Founded by Saint...


Porto's Serralves Park and Museum for Contemporary Art offers free entry the first Sunday of each month. Any time, though, Serralves is worth a...
Fos Velha

Foz Velha

Visitors to Porto sometimes make it to "Old Foz" without knowing they've done it! A ride on the eléctrico (Tram Line 1) takes riders...
Sao Pedro da Afurada

São Pedro da Afurada

A fishing village beneath the Arrábida Bridge between Porto and Gaia is a colorful gateway to the coastal beaches of Gaia. It's also home...
To the top of Lisbon

To the top of Lisbon

Lisbon is one of Europe's most beautiful cities, and on many a travel itinerary nowadays. Residents take great pride in its seven hills and...
A Lavender Summer in Provence

A Lavender Summer in Provence

The color, texture and scent of summertime Provence have inspired generations of painters, writers and travelers. In June, we traveled to southern France with...
Yum Yum Met

Yum Yum Met

No, we did not actually eat inside the Met! But for our Yum Yum Met culinary tour, guide Angelis Nannos of In Food We...

Skyscrapers of 42nd street

New York's 42nd Street is home to some of America's most iconic skyscrapers. Click here or on the photo above to join our Context...
Time Travel

Time Travel at the “Knight’s House”

The Swiss canton of Graubünden welcomes visitors with numerous and varied local attractions and extraordinary hospitality. In Santa Maria, we enjoyed that hospitality at...
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