Istanbul lights

Istanbul lights

One of the first things I noticed about Istanbul in winter was the light: changing through the day, as clouds come and go,...
Three king's cake

Dreikönigstag (Three Kings Day)

In German-speaking countries, Epiphany is called Dreikönigstag, or Three Kings Day, and marks the end of the Christmas celebrations. On this day, a cake...
New Year's, Basel, Switzerland

Basel fireworks launch 2013—Happy New Year!

I love the kaleidoscope of colors in fireworks, and last evening thrilled to an exceptional display in Basel, from a friend’s terrace overlooking the...
Place du Temple-Neuf

The festive Christmas lights of Strasbourg

For five glorious weeks at the end of each year, Strasbourg, France puts on a light show that is nothing short of spectacular. All...
The Great Christmas Tree, place Kleber, Strasbourg

Strasbourg’s “Grand Sapin” celebrates its 20th anniversary

Each December, a gigantic fir tree covered in lights holds court in place Kléber, in the Alsatian city of Strasbourg. It is the centerpiece...
aceto balsamico tradizionale di Modena

Through the lens: Modena, Italy

Modena occupies a sweet spot in the heartland of Emilia Romagna, Italy’s breadbasket and economic engine. With many kilometers of cycling paths, a compact...
Garlands of onions, Bern

Zibelmärit offers a taste of Switzerland

Onions, in all their garlanded glory, are the basis for Bern’s Zibelmärit. They are colorful and pretty to look at in your kitchen, dangling...
Greetings from the Onion Market

Bern’s Onion Market—time to party, rain or shine

I’ve been to the Onion Market in Bern twice, once on a frosty, clear morning several years ago; and last Monday, mostly under an...
Autumn color under blue skies, Ticino, Switzerland

Through the lens: Valle di Muggio, Ticino

When leaves have already dropped elsewhere in Switzerland’s mountain regions, it is time to head south—as far south as you can go without leaving...
Big Ben

City break London: afternoon along the Thames

London is a spectacular city, one of my favorites in the world—and I’m in good company. It seems that just about everyone puts the...
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