Street Food Festival Basel 2015

Celebrating street food in Basel, Switzerland

With October comes what travel planners call the shoulder season, a concept that applies equally to food-oriented festivals. Soon we'll have the late-autumn fairs,...
Autumn in Switzerland

Autumn: Switzerland’s best time for food travel?

Switzerland is a marvelous year-round destination, but for many, autumn is THE season. Summer crowds are gone, ski season is not yet upon us,...
Super Zampone

Super Zampone: Over the Top in Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna is a gastronome's paradise, its culinary bounty celebrated with great fanfare through the autumn harvest season. Wine, fish, meats and cheeses--all kinds...
Garlands of onions, Bern

Zibelmärit offers a taste of Switzerland

Onions, in all their garlanded glory, are the basis for Bern’s Zibelmärit. They are colorful and pretty to look at in your kitchen, dangling...
Greetings from the Onion Market

Bern’s Onion Market—time to party, rain or shine

I’ve been to the Onion Market in Bern twice, once on a frosty, clear morning several years ago; and last Monday, mostly under an...
Autumn color under blue skies, Ticino, Switzerland

Through the lens: Valle di Muggio, Ticino

When leaves have already dropped elsewhere in Switzerland’s mountain regions, it is time to head south—as far south as you can go without leaving...
Facade commemorating Battle of Dornach

Lucerne’s Hirschenplatz—”get the message”?

Lucerne, Switzerland's Hirschenplatz is named after a vanished hotel, the Hirschen, or stag. Light-colored paving stones mark the places where two small houses once...
Basel's colorful autumn fair

Basel’s autumn fair opens with a slosh

Two days ago, the Basel Herbstmesse, the biggest and longest-running autumn fair in Europe, kicked off with a feisty clanging of bells and the...

Lucerne’s wall paintings tell stories

It is autumn in one of Europe's prettiest settings. The Old Town in Lucerne, Switzerland, is a postcard. All of it. Almost any direction...
Ascona's promenade along Lago Maggiore

Five reasons to visit Ascona, Switzerland in autumn

Two of Switzerland's finest festivals take place not on a mountain, but at 196 meters above sea level—in lovely Ascona, on Lago Maggiore. Settimane Musicali...
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