Artichoke thistles

Portugal’s “thistle cheeses”

Before we traveled to Portugal, I had not tried Portuguese cheese. Once in the country, however, it did not take more than one trip...

In Lisbon with Taste of Lisboa

Tom and I recently traveled in Portugal for almost six weeks, and what a trip it was! Our food and culture explorations began in...
Palace Hotel

The delights of Portugal

From Anita: One of our favorite parts of traveling is meeting the locals--and for us, that includes expats--who have plenty to share about their...

Two foodies in Portugal

Portugal's food scene is as sunny as its skies, and can be every bit as classy as the fabulous tiles adorning so many buildings...
Alentejo, Portugal

A food lover’s guide to Alentejo, Portugal

The food of Portugal’s largest province is fresh, local and hearty. Alentejo is blessed with lots of pasture land and a long seacoast, which...
Alentejo flavors

In Alentejo, Portugal, the meal starts here

  Meals in Alentejo, Portugal begin with small servings of a variety of dishes to pique the appetite. These range from sliced meats and cheeses...
Évora’s Cathedral Square

Évora’s Cathedral Square: an Alentejo “starter kit”

  There is plenty to see in Portugal’s largest province, and my husband and I have spent the past week exploring its nooks and crannies....
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