Lake Geneva

A quick winter excursion to Lavaux

With our departure from Switzerland imminent, Tom and I were honored to be invited "down south" for an off-season tramp through the villages of...
Wine master class at DWCC 2015

Wine lovers think digital in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Our train wobbled along a stretch of rail near Sofia on a mid-October day spitting rain. The railway is being modernized, and work on...

Surprising Ticino Merlot

It sometimes surprises visitors that Switzerland produces wine at all. Swiss wine is produced in luxuriously small quantities, and just 2% of the wine...

A taste of Setúbal, Portugal

At the beginning of the 20th century, Portugal's fishing industry was centered in what is now the Peninsula of Setúbal. The sardine factories have...

Wiesbaden’s Rheingauer Weinwoche

"Wine--enjoyed in moderation--heals and comforts with its strength and warmth." These words from the 11th-century Benedictine nun Hildegard von Bingen ring true year-round in...
old vines with a southern/western exposure

The way of Port: a passion for the vine in Portugal’s Alto Douro

"Wine is not about grapes!" exclaimed Alvaro. Our host was oblivious to threatening rain on this steeply pitched hillside above Portugal's Douro River. I...
Alentejo flavors

In Alentejo, Portugal, the meal starts here

  Meals in Alentejo, Portugal begin with small servings of a variety of dishes to pique the appetite. These range from sliced meats and cheeses...
Wine fountain, Basel

A curiously Swiss New Year tradition

Switzerland’s fountains are justifiably praised for their abundance (they are everywhere) and purity (it is fine to quaff from almost all of them). Once...
Landscape with a Tuscan village

Tasting Italy

This time last summer, I was cooking up a storm on a beautiful estate in the heart of Val d’Orcia. Il Poggiolo is located...
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