Food & seasonal markets around the world

Fish for China, via Duy Hai, Vietnam

The key enterprise in Duy Hai, Vietnam is fish processing. The local fleet of fishing boats travels ever farther afield to snare enough of...
Ferry arriving in Duy Hai, fishing nets in the background

Morning in Duy Hai harbor, Vietnam

When Anita and I visited Hoi An, Vietnam, we joined a sunrise photographic tour to Duy Hai, a small fishing village nearby. We were...
Istanbul Eats

Tasting Istanbul with the man from Drama

It was the best food tour ever. I had traveled to Turkey once before on a business trip, and enjoyed the every meal immensely....
Garlands of onions, Bern

Zibelmärit offers a taste of Switzerland

Onions, in all their garlanded glory, are the basis for Bern’s Zibelmärit. They are colorful and pretty to look at in your kitchen, dangling...
Greetings from the Onion Market

Bern’s Onion Market—time to party, rain or shine

I’ve been to the Onion Market in Bern twice, once on a frosty, clear morning several years ago; and last Monday, mostly under an...
Switzerland celebrates the chestnut

Ascona, Switzerland celebrates the chestnut

I love one-trick food festivals. They bring out my penchant for taking a single food ingredient to levels I would never envision on my...
Prawns and coconut, Saigon, Vietnam

Photo: Dinner at Ben Thanh Market, Saigon, Vietnam

Dinner at Ben Thanh Market in Saigon becomes dramatic, when these prawns, perched atop coconuts, are set alight.
Fresh market at Grand Central Station, New York

Photo: NYC fresh markets are bursting with local flavors

The produce market at Grand Central Station is a feast for the eyes, as well as the palate. Commuters can take their pick of...
Strawberries in Mulhouse market

Three countries, markets galore: Mulhouse’s Marché du Canal Couvert (FR)

Forty minutes from Basel, the Alsatian city of Mulhouse holds the largest market in Eastern France. Indoors, in a permanent market hall with cement...
Lorrach market

Three countries, markets galore: Lörrach, Baden (DE)

Just across the German border from Riehen, the town of Lörrach is a quick cycle, bus ride or car trip away. On Saturdays, its...
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