Eating out

Restaurants, cafes and bars, and places for enjoying street food

Six foodie things to do in Frankfurt, Germany

This throbbing metropolis on the Main is known more for its temples of glass and steel, and as a financial center, than for its...
San Sebastian

Stopover in San Sebastián, Spain

We had just one night to spend in Basque Country en route from Switzerland to Portugal last month, and opted for scenic San Sebastián...

Time Travel in Switzerland

Switzerland's vistas are world-renowned, and Tom and I have enjoyed many of them in our years here. Now, those clever Swiss have added five...
La Passion

Fine dining at Gasthof Hirschen in Eglisau, Switzerland

The highlight of Tom's and my recent stay in Eglisau was the fine meal we savored in the little town's Michelin-starred restaurant. It has...
Sweden coffee

Sweden’s coffee tradition – Do you fika?

I am a coffee fan. Not just any coffee, mind you. Good coffee--dark, robust, served in a nifty cup or mug, and with something...
Familjen in Gothenburg, Sweden

Familjen-rustic fine dining in Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg, with a metropolitan population of just under 1 million, boasts five Michelin starred restaurants. However, it doesn't take a star for the restaurants...
Eithna's By the Sea

Feasting on seafood & seaweed in County Sligo, Ireland

When I traveled to Ireland, I was eager to try a seaweed bath in Strandhill, County Sligo. I had no idea I'd get to...

Supper-club hopping in Berlin

Berlin has been called one of the capitals of supper-clubbing, and an online search yields an ever-growing list of options for testing the boundaries...
Basel, Switzerland

Summertime dining al fresco in Basel, Switzerland

As soon as spring ushers in the promise of longer days, many Basel area restaurants set tables out on the pavement, creating a boulevard...
Alentejo, Portugal

A food lover’s guide to Alentejo, Portugal

The food of Portugal’s largest province is fresh, local and hearty. Alentejo is blessed with lots of pasture land and a long seacoast, which...
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