Cooking classes, in the kitchen with chefs & learning from home cooks

Alentejo bakery

In an Alentejo bakery, the way of family

Portugal food stories are all about traditions, and very often, family traditions, emanating from home kitchens. And those stories can be found in the...
rice and curry

Sri Lankan rice and curry, village style

Sri Lankans don't say "Have you eaten yet?" but rather, "Have you eaten your rice?" which really means rice and curry. Everywhere on the...
Curry Without Worry

“Healthy meals for hungry souls” in Kathmandu, Nepal

When I was in Kathmandu last summer, I received a call from a Nepali friend late one afternoon, asking if I would be interested...
La Maggiorana

Food is art at La Maggiorana in Turin, Italy

In December, I spent a snowy day in the hills above Turin, in the immaculate kitchen of La Maggiorana School of Culinary Arts....

Mussels: Ocean-based gastronomy in Ljungskile, West Sweden

A redeeming feature of the gray month of November in northern Europe is the opportunity to enjoy moules frites. I love them steamed with...

Sweet & Savory Pies with Laughing Lemon

One rainy August Saturday that felt more autumn than summer, I hopped a train to Zürich-Oerlikon for a day of making pies in the...
San Miguel de Allende

Cooking “Mexican classy” in San Miguel de Allende

A delight during my May trip to Mexico was a chance to join three fellow southerners for a cooking class in San Miguel de...
Mexican cuisine

Retro kitchen magic with Mexican cuisine

Do you enjoy Mexican cuisine and like to cook? Does your mouth water at the prospect of a vibrant salsa verde, a tortilla fresh...

Modena, Italy—your next food adventure?

There are many reasons to stop over for a night or three in Modena, Italy. The city has history, art, music, fancy cars and...
Turkish Flavours

Savoring “Turkish Flavours” in Istanbul

My recent stay in Turkey was definitely a food-oriented experience. For two glorious weeks, my husband and I enjoyed great street food, sampled fine...
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