Early morning quiet in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh fugue

Early-morning Phnom Penh is quiet, save a few motorcycles and tuk-tuks on the almost empty streets. It’s early in the morning when the place...
Tu Duc, the longest-reigning Nguyen emperor, Vietnam

Vietnam’s art of incense

All that incense wafting about the altars in Vietnam’s homes, shops and pagodas has to come from somewhere. I did not expect to discover...

Cholon’s pagodas serve up atmosphere aplenty

A fierce dragon stands guard at Quan Am Pagoda, in Cholon, Saigon’s Chinatown. The district, home to Chinese traders and merchants for centuries, is...
fish sauce

Something fishy in Vietnam

  Before I lived in Southeast Asia, I knew that fish sauce--that fermented, salty essence of the sea--is an indispensable condiment for many of the...
Basel Fasnacht

The (mostly unwritten) rules of Basel Fasnacht

Life in Switzerland is orderly, no surprise there. Fasnacht turns that tidy world upside down—for starters, it takes place during the first week of...
Lightered Knot opens in Wiggins, MS

The Lightered Knot

Until recently, I’d not considered the virtues of fat wood, or what folks in South Mississippi call “lightered knots” or “lightered” for short. A...

Basel’s Christmas market-Tis the season!

Basel’s Christmas market is the largest and most traditional in Switzerland. The merchandise on offer is of high quality, albeit pricey, and I always...
Autumn Fair at Munsterplatz, Basel, Switzerland

Herbstmesse — Basel’s Autumn Fair

Last Saturday, a fellow leaned out of the way-up-there window of Martinskirche in Basel’s Old Town, flapped a glove with his left hand and...
A Moveable Feast

Couscous and camaraderie in Morocco

My advance copy of Lonely Planet's forthcoming food anthology arrived a week ago, and it’s an edifying read. The thirty-eight stories are set around...
Pumpkin mania in southern Germany

Southern Germany’s pumpkin mania

In the local markets of southern Germany, pumpkins and their squashy cousins come in myriad shapes and sizes. Each autumn, a family-run farm in...
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