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1948 Citroen 2CV

Ritterhaus Chasa de Capol: adventure in Swiss hospitality

Canton Graubünden is Switzerland's largest, its varied landscapes and villages offering much for discerning travelers to discover. Tom and I recently spent a week...
Chef flaming a dish in the kitchen

Anita’s Feast celebrates ten years

Anita’s Feast began around a table with our neighbors in Basel, Switzerland, as we unpacked the Swiss ritual of raclette to a background of...
Time Travel

Time Travel at the “Knight’s House”

The Swiss canton of Graubünden welcomes visitors with numerous and varied local attractions and extraordinary hospitality. In Santa Maria, we enjoyed that hospitality at...
Sri Lanka

Our five top travel experiences in 2014

  At the cusp of a new year, Tom and I have realized with a start, that another year has just zipped by. In 2014,...

Time Travel in Switzerland

Switzerland's vistas are world-renowned, and Tom and I have enjoyed many of them in our years here. Now, those clever Swiss have added five...
La Passion

Fine dining at Gasthof Hirschen in Eglisau, Switzerland

The highlight of Tom's and my recent stay in Eglisau was the fine meal we savored in the little town's Michelin-starred restaurant. It has...

Gasthof Hirschen: Quiet repose in Eglisau, Switzerland

When Tom and I paid a spring-time visit to Eglisau in Canton Zurich, we felt we had stepped into a medieval time capsule. There,...
Terrasse am See

Terrasse am See: a lakeside escape to Vitznau, Switzerland

Time slows in Vitznau, as the sun begins to set over Lake Lucerne (der Vierwaldstädtersee). Our host for dinner turns positively misty-eyed as we...
Monte Verità

Monte Verità: Switzerland’s ‘Mountain of Truth’

At the beginning of the 20th century, a hilltop in Ascona, Switzerland became a center for unconventional idealists and reformers. Theosophists, writers, visual and...

Food adventuring in Ipoh, Malaysia

“May we join you?” the woman asked, smiling and gesturing to two empty stools at our table. Tom and I looked up from slurping...
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