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There are several top-notch food markets in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, all worth visiting. For a good introduction to the region’s foods and crafts, though, the bustling Mercado Ignacio Ramirez, known to most people as simply the central market, is a great place to start.

Locals shop here daily for fresh produce, meat and chicken, as well as fresh flowers. Adjacent to the artisan’s market, it is also a good place to begin learning about handicrafts of the region. Vendors and shoppers come in from nearby towns and the countryside to make a day of it. Tidy food stalls offer beverages, snacks and simple meals.

This permanent, covered market is located one block from the Plaza Civica with its equestrian statue of Ignacio de Allende.The market is open daily, 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Abundant vegetables, flowers and more

San Miguel de Allende
Fragrant guavas and balls of queso fresco in the San Miguel central market
Vendor in San Miguel de Allende with thin skin avocados
Several vendors in the San Miguel market offer a variety of greens and herbs, as well as perfect avocados.
Vegetables in sacks for soup
Vegetables in the San Miguel market, pre-cut for making soup
San Miguel de Allende

I visited the central market as the introduction to a day of cooking with Chef Paco Cárdenas. We had a chance to sample, as well as look at, the beautiful food; and he introduced us to some of his favorite vendors.

This friendly  family offers a wide range of Mexican pantry basics, from every dried chili imaginable to cooking oils, spices and dried hibiscus flowers.

After a tasting, they helped me select the best dried chilies to take home from my holiday.

5 bunches of roses each bunch a different color
Beautiful flowers in the Mercado Central, in San Miguel de Allende
basket containing fruits and greens
An edible bouquet in the San Miguel market. Perhaps it’s a mark of the importance Mexicans place on beautiful produce?

Drinks, snacks and lunch

San Miguel de Allende
Made-while-you-watch jugo verde (green juice), a healthy and refreshing drink of greens and fruit. The perfect drink for a shopping break!
San Miguel de Allende
Tasty salsas, home-made and served with simple meals on brightly colored plastic tablecloths
San Miguel de Allende
Fresh garbanzo beans—Toss with lime juice and chilies for a pop of tasty nutrition.
cooked and fresh corn on the cob
The aroma of roasting corn wafts through San Miguel’s central market. Here, just three of the many varieties of corn available in Mexican markets.
San Miguel de Allende
A snack of fresh-roasted corn tossed with lime juice and chilies to taste

Clothing and handicrafts

shop full of various type of hats
The market is an ideal place to pick up some sun protection, and sport the style that suits you best!
Vendor selling sheets and pillow cases
The food market morphs into an arts-and-crafts zone en route to the wonderful Artisan’s Market. Here, a vendor shows the embroidered tablecloths typical of the region.

Visit the San Miguel Mercado (morning is best) to:

  • Replenish your stock of dried goods and home-produced pantry items, from herbs to frijoles
  • Source very fresh local produce, such as avocado and nopales (cactus paddles)
  • Taste street food, only the “street” is an indoor one
  • Pick up reasonably priced items from regional artisans
  • Buy flowers for your hostess or yourself

More time, and ready to branch out? Try these other, highly recommended markets: the vibrant open-air Tuesday market, with hundreds of vendors; and the Saturday organic market in Parque Juarez.

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  1. I love going to markets when I travel and when I’m home.
    I didn’t realize those were guavas — ours have a deeper color. And the cheese reminded me of cauliflower. I also love the idea of packaging the soup ingredients. Neat!

    • Food–I love how it surprises! I too did not expect the guavas and garbanzos…and the beans, tossed with spices, turns out to be a perfect cocktail snack, as well!


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