Turkish FlavoursMy recent stay in Turkey was definitely a food-oriented experience. For two glorious weeks, my husband and I enjoyed great street food, sampled fine fish, and tried new-to-us food all over town. In a city of glorious sunsets, evocative calls to prayer and incredible light by day or night, we looked forward to every “next bite” of what proved to be, truly, Turkish delights. My trip began with a morning sampling and learning to prepare several Turkish dishes, including this deceptively simple pumpkin dessert.

Turkish Flavours
Selin Rozanes of Turkish Flavours offers cookery classes and food tours in Istanbul.

Our time with Selin Rozanes of Turkish Flavours set us on the right course: helping prepare a three-course meal in Selin’s kitchen, we were treated to all the right aromas and received helpful hints that stood us in good stead for the rest of our stay.

We learned where to buy spices, where to go for a fish extravaganza, and where to find old-school Ottoman dishes. It was all very good advice, served up in a 1930s Istanbul apartment, in the company of fellow travelers.

Do you enjoy learning about traditional cuisines as part of your travel experience? If so, getting into the kitchen for hands-on cooking with Selin may be just the ticket.

Turkish Flavours
Flaky spinach borek is just one of the dishes taught in the Turkish Flavours kitchen.

For an account of my morning in Selin’s Turkish Flavours kitchen, head on over to Boomer Women Travelers, a new blog targeting the vibrant community of international women of the baby boomer generation who love to travel. I’m delighted to be one of the professional travel bloggers contributing to the site’s debut!

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