Incense and candle with blossoms, Rajasthan

After a full month in India, I’m on overload. This trip is done, but the friendly people, fabulous food, history, and artistry that permeates the country, all have me ready to return at the drop of a hat.
The gifts of the trip have been many:

Meeting textile, woodworking and metal artists in Gujarat, and learning about traditions passed down for generations…


…experiencing desert hospitality in Rajasthan…


…wildlife-spotting in Gujarat’s Rann of Kutch and Bandavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh…

…and big doses of history to absorb everywhere I went, from Bhuj, where the aftermath of earthquake still resonates, to Gwalior Fort, with its lavishly carved and decorated Man Mandir palace set high above a modern city.


And of course, there is the food, always a big part of my travels. From enjoying this morning’s cup of Punjabi choley bhature, to sampling Gujarati home cooking, to a full-fledged coastal South Indian feast in Delhi, the culinary experiences of the journey have been illuminating and immensely satisfying.

I love most things Indian, and I guess it shows. Just about everywhere, I’ve been treated like a long-cousin, certainly more than a casual visitor—fine hotels put out the welcome mat, sure, but it’s the homely hospitality, sharing meals or tea and snacks with local hosts, I hold dear.

And of course, that glimpse of a tiger!



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