Angkor is Cambodia’s premier tourist destination, but it can be a test of a traveler’s mettle to navigate the place. A tailored viewing of Angkor’s principal and outlying temples is one way to make sure you see what you want, and in line with your budget, how you want. With just a few days to spend in Seam Riep, hiring a knowledgeable guide seemed the best way to go, if I was to have a good look at archeological sites, and still manage a stint in a Khmer kitchen.
From the moment I contacted ABOUTAsia, travel advisor Kelly Drake was on the mark, suggesting itineraries and when we’d agreed on a plan, arranging for a top-notch guide.  Thanks to Kanha, I came away from two days of exploring the Angkor complex feeling I’d experienced the grandeur—and the surprising intimacy—of sprawling Angkor.

On the culinary side, Kelly organized a half-day of cooking with the chef at Sojourn, a small resort on the outskirts of Siem Reap. She also introduced me to Johannès Rivière, the innovative chef/owner of Cuisine Wat Damnak. They were two days I’ll not forget.

Tapping into ABOUTAsia’s community network made for an especially rewarding stay in Siem Reap, and is something I’ll do again when I return to Cambodia.


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