A Moveable FeastMy advance copy of Lonely Planet’s forthcoming food anthology arrived a week ago, and it’s an edifying read. The thirty-eight stories are set around the world, and all recount food memories that transformed the travel experience—and the traveler. I devoured the book tout de suite!

My contribution, “Couscous and Camaraderie,” features a remarkable woman who welcomed me and my traveling companions into her mountain home in the middle of Moroccan nowhere, and gave us a glimpse into her way of life.

Traveling with me were Chef Deb Rankine, Canadian cookbook author of the Fridge Whisperer series, and Tom Fakler, who took the pictures. Thank you both for sharing a memorable experience!

Tamu making couscous
Tamu making couscous over an wood fire
Family around the table for a couscous meal
Chef Deb and the family around the table for a great couscous

Don George, editor of A Moveable Feast, will host several evenings of readings from the book, two of them in New York: the first one is on November 9th at the Strand bookstore ; the second will be part of the Restless Legs series, on November 10th. I’ll be reading at that one!

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  1. We were driving in the Atlas Mountains about 5 years ago and stopped to chat with a girl who had just come from the community ovens. She gave us some of the barley bread she had just baked. It was absolutely delicious!! And the sharing made it taste even better.

  2. You're right, AIP. Sharing simple pleasures is one of the best things about travel. I learned to make Moroccan flat bread in the kitchen of a home cook in Fez…but have never tasted barley bread there. Sounds great!


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