Sunshine. Coffee. Newspapers. All three were mine, as soon as I stepped through the door of Blaues Band, in Berlin’s Mitte district. I chose a table streaming with morning light and settled in with Tages-Anzeiger before ordering breakfast. Fresh loaves were bustled to the kitchen and empty bottles clanked as they were trundled out the front door. I felt like a local.

The city’s café scene is famous, with good reason. After visiting a number of cafes, I came home with three favorites:

  • In Mitte, just around the corner from my apartment in Flower’s Boardinghouse, Blaues Band, serves up plentiful breakfast platters, with a good dose of morning sunshine. I sat inside at a minuscule table, where scrambled eggs with lightly cooked salmon and a toss of fresh dill competed for space with a basket of those just-from-the-bakery breads and steaming coffee in a bistro bowl.
  • After a Saturday morning ramble around Savignyplatz, it was time for a lunch break at AnnaLee, an airy space in a restored building, its entrance and sky-high windows overlooking the shops of Mommsenstraße. This café is a library with an appetite, but the many books arranged on shelves covering an entire wall are for sale. The tramezzini, quiche and salads are made to order and delicious.
  • Another winner is Café Anita Wronski, in Prenzlauer Berg. My namesake’s place is another café with books rambling over two levels. A substantial slice of cheesecake, made of quark laced with apricot slices, was creamy and not overly sweet, and a pot of Assam tea, restorative. The café’s terrace looks onto Berlin’s oldest water tower, the Wasserturm, the site of a regular art market. For a peek at the café and a review of its coffee and food, read this.

image credits: hslo (flikr), magnus franklin (flikr)

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