Surprising Ticino Merlot

It sometimes surprises visitors that Switzerland produces wine at all. Swiss wine is produced in luxuriously small quantities, and just 2% of the wine...
food market

Travel Photo Roulette #107: Food markets!

Welcome to Travel Photo Roulette, a weekly contest for bloggers to show off their photography, and compete for the chance to host the next...


Windstar Wiind Surf

Luxury meets culinary aboard the Wind Surf

Move over Food Network, I'm now officially a cruising foodie! Tom and I recently enjoyed an eight-day culinary adventure with the boutique Windstar cruise...
Castellars of Catalunya

Living history in Tarragona

Who wouldn't thrill to a private performance of just about anything in a Roman ruin? Tom and I recently returned from a week aboard...


Sri Lankan cuisine

Discovering Sri Lankan cuisine, one dish at a time

One of the joys of expat life is meeting people from all over the world, discovering the home cultures and food ways of others,...
Trumpets on display at Cafe Clock, Fez, Morocco

Notes from Ramadan, at View from Fez

It's 2:00 am and I am jolted awake by the firing of a cannon, followed by the deep bong of a drum and a...

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