Autumn in Switzerland

Autumn: Switzerland’s best time for food travel?

Switzerland is a marvelous year-round destination, but for many, autumn is THE season. Summer crowds are gone, ski season is not yet upon us,...

Surprising Ticino Merlot

It sometimes surprises visitors that Switzerland produces wine at all. Swiss wine is produced in luxuriously small quantities, and just 2% of the wine...


Spanish vineyard

Tasting the food-friendly wines of Spain

"Did you know that there are now more acres planted to vine in Spain than anywhere else? " asked Sommelier Steve Olson,  as he...
Horse-drawn carriages

On the trail of good eats in Malaga

Conquistadors brought the tomato home from their New World adventures, but it was not until the 18th century that the fruit was commonly eaten...


Tagliavini Collection of Musical Instruments

Beautiful music at Bologna’s San Colombano Museum

Love music? history? architecturally significant buildings? All this and more come with a visit to the superb San Colombano Museum in Bologna. Built around...
Palace Hotel

The delights of Portugal

From Anita: One of our favorite parts of traveling is meeting the locals--and for us, that includes expats--who have plenty to share about their...

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