Prime time for food travel

PortugalCultural tourism is booming, and travelers are increasingly seeking out the culinary experiences so important to authentic cultural exploration. Last week, Tom and I traveled to Estoril, Portugal to learn more about food travel as a part of a destination’s branding and services, and what this might mean for us as a writer-photographer team forever “traveling on our stomachs.” Continue reading

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In search of Portuguese flavors


When Tom and I traveled in Portugal last year, we gloried in its varied landscapes, magnificent sunsets, and vibrant history. We visited cities bedecked with art, old and new–much of it depicting culinary traditions, from salt production to baked goods, as well as seafaring traditions. In our quest for authentic Portuguese flavors, we thrilled to regional food specialties and wines from north to south and back again. Continue reading

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Why is coffee in Portugal so good?


Any coffee lover who has traveled in Portugal knows that nothing makes Pastel de nata go down better than a good cup of coffee–uma bica in Lisbon or um cimbalino in Porto. But do you know why this is? Having enjoyed coffee around the country for several months, I set about finding out. Continue reading

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Basel’s Merian Gardens: now a “Garden of Switzerland”

Merian Gardens Nothing announces spring like daffodils popping up through scraggly grass. And once that happens, there’s no stopping the day-dreaming after the real thing, even if tree limbs are still bare. Day dreams being what they are, here’s a preview of one of my favorite places in Basel to pass a spring or summer afternoon: the parkland surrounding the Villa Merian in Brüglingen, slightly out of Basel’s city center. The hilly acreage is surrounded by industrial Dreispitz and the sports complex at St. Jacob, and easily accessible via public transport. Continue reading

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Igloo Festival in the Berner Oberland

iglooMarch in the Alps can be magnificent, and last weekend was one of the best, especially at 2,000 meters, above Adelboden in the Berner Oberland. When I was invited to bring my camera to Engstligenalp for Igloo Festival 2015, I happily said yes. It was a creative, colorful weekend in the mountains–and yes, this is an igloo! Continue reading

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Basel Fasnacht 2015 in 20 photos

Basel FasnachtBasel’s Fasnacht, as Carnival is known here–is a blur of sight and sound, color and music. It goes on non-stop in the city’s Old Town for exactly 72 hours in the week following Ash Wednesday. This year, Anita and I watched Morgenstreich from the vantage point of a friend’s apartment in the midst of the action. Continue reading

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A Basel Fasnacht primer

Basel FasnachtI love quirky cultural traditions, and Basel’s Carnival celebration is right up there when it comes to quirky. In our years in Switzerland, Tom and I have enjoyed the festivities all the more since we learned some of the back story. Called the “drey scheenschte Dääg”, or “three most beautiful days” of the year by Basel residents, just about everything about Fasnacht here involves uniquely local traditions. Continue reading

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Basel Fasnacht: a lexicon

Basel FasnachtBasel Fasnacht, as Carnival is known here, is conducted primarily in Basel Deutsch, the local German dialect. In fact, many of the terms describing the people, events and history of Fasnacht are published in a curious mix of local Swiss German dialect and High German. This is the case even on official websites and in newspapers and other publications! Continue reading

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Stylish winter getaway to Lenzerheide

LenzerheideMy foot, covered in green mud-turned-to-slime, slipped on the wall, the rest of me scooting precipitously close to the edge of the chic bench in my private spa “Kabine”. I tried pushing off from the opposing wall, but my hands were as slippery as my feet. Flat on my back and unable to right myself, I calculated I had been in the little room for fifteen minutes or so, watching from my perch as steam hissed from a jet near the door. This was not exactly the stylish getaway to Lenzerheide I had envisioned. Continue reading

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Carnival in Switzerland’s remote Lötschental

Lötschental valleyIt’s February in Switzerland’s Lötschental, a long valley deep in the hinterlands of the Bernese Alps. Mountains are blanketed with white powder, and the ski slopes are busy. Behind the scenes, in the four villages of the valley–Wiler, Ferden, Kippel and at the furthermost end, Blatten–preparations are underway for Carnival, or Fasnacht as it is known hereabouts. Continue reading

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