Baden-Baden, Germany: Museum Frieder Burda turns 10

Frieder BurdaThe Museum Frieder Burda opened in Baden-Baden in 2004, and I’ve enjoyed several exhibitions there. Now, an anniversary show,”40|10″: 40 Years of the Collection | 10 Years of the Museum Frieder Burda, celebrates both the collection and the museum. Recently, Tom and I were delighted to return to Baden-Baden, especially to take in the anniversary show. What a treat! Continue reading

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Portugal’s “thistle cheeses”

Artichoke thistlesBefore we traveled to Portugal, I had not tried Portuguese cheese. Once in the country, however, it did not take more than one trip to a breakfast buffet or a sit-down to dinner,  before cheese entered the conversation, and I’m so happy it did! Two of the most flavorful cheeses Tom and I sampled on our recent travels in Portugal–Serra da Estrela and Azeitão–were developed from the same recipe. Both are produced using the colorful artichoke thistle to develop the curd. Continue reading

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In Lisbon with Taste of Lisboa

17th century tiles in LisbonTom and I recently traveled in Portugal for almost six weeks, and what a trip it was! Our food and culture explorations began in Lisbon, and we re-visited the area some weeks later. The first time through, we explored a single neighborhood, Mouraria. When we returned a month later, the food court at Mercado da Ribeira had just opened, and we were eager to take a look. Continue reading

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The delights of Portugal

Delights of Portugal From Anita: One of our favorite parts of traveling is meeting the locals–and for us, that includes expats–who have plenty to share about their adopted homeland. Last month, Tom and I had a chance to spend a little time with Portugal’s top expat blogger, Julie Dawn Fox. Continue reading

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Sunrise in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Galle FortGalle Fort, jutting a bit into the Indian Ocean, and at the western end of a moon-shaped bay on Sri Lanka’s southwestern tip, is beautifully situated. Its eastern bastions face the dawn and the western ones, the setting sun. A 5:30 rise-and-shine gets one up just in time for sunrise and a look at streets just beginning to stir. Early yes, but the cool air and pink skies are worth it! Continue reading

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Seven joys of a weekend in Colombo, Sri Lanka

BuddhaA large Buddha planted squarely in the path of arrivals to Bandaranaike International Airport welcomed us to Colombo, Sri Lanka last February. Incense burned in front of the image, and a sign warned us not to pose for pictures with backs to Buddha. As we would see, religion in Sri Lanka is an active affair, with images in homes and businesses redolent with the warm scent of incense and flowers. Our saintly encounter at the airport was an auspicious beginning to a six-week-long exploration of the island. Continue reading

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Two foodies in Portugal


Portugal’s food scene is as sunny as its skies, and can be every bit as classy as the fabulous tiles adorning so many buildings here. For the the past six weeks, Tom and I have been munching and quaffing our way from one end of the country to the other, marveling at exquisite seafood and regional specialties. We’ve learning about both traditional food ways and contemporary takes on old favorites. It’s time to go home, go on a diet, or both! Continue reading

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Six foodie things to do in Frankfurt, Germany

FrankfurtThis throbbing metropolis on the Main is known more for its temples of glass and steel, and as a financial center, than for its food. Even a short visit can show another side of the place, though, and provide a traveler with tasty memories to take home. Tom and I spent a long weekend in Frankfurt last month–here are six recommendations for having as enjoyable a time as we did! Continue reading

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Stopover in San Sebastián, Spain

San SebastianWe had just one night to spend in Basque Country en route from Switzerland to Portugal last month, and opted for scenic San Sebastián (Basque: Donostia). Short on time and energy after a day’s driving, we still found plenty to make some good memories. Here are five suggestions for enjoying an overnight in San Sebastián as much as we did. Continue reading

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Time Travel in Switzerland

Time TravelSwitzerland’s vistas are world-renowned, and Tom and I have enjoyed many of them in our years here. Now, those clever Swiss have added five new reasons to travel in the country: themed routes, dotted with historic hotels and following itineraries compelling enough to tempt arm-chair travelers onto a Swiss train for a memorable personal journey. Continue reading

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